“Money & Marriage” Litfuse blog tour and GIVEAWAY~~Matt Bell

A complete guide for engaged and newly married couples!

Book Blurb:

Newly wed couples quickly discover that money is a big deal in their new lives together.  Conversations about money can all too easily turn into arguments about spending habits, credit card debt, and when to make major purchases.  Getting on the same financial page is essential because research has shown that the more frequently a couple fights about finances, the more likely they are to divorce.  So how do you as an engaged or newly married couple work as a team when dealing with money?

Financial expert Matt Bell shows you the way.  This book will help you make the most of each other’s financial strengths, teaching you how to work together to build a solid financial future.  Through a ten-step action plan, you’ll learn how to prioritize goals, get out of debt, build savings, invest wisely, buy a house, and much more–all in a way that minimizes stress and maximized unity.  With this essential guide, you’ll avoid pitfall and place yourselves on the path to financial success.


Matt Bell is a personal finance expert whose previous books includes Money, Purpose, Joy and Money Strategies for Tough Times.  He leads workshops throughout the country; has been featured in major media such as USA TODAY, U.S. News & World Report, and WGN-TV; and writes the MattAboutMoney.com blog.

My Review:

Though I’m past the engaged/newlywed stage, I found Matt’s book to be one of the most comprehensive books on money issues and life’s purposes in a marriage.  It’s  thorough and extensive, with an easy-to-read format (except maybe the investing portion–obviously not one of my strengths).

He teaches couples how to identify each others financial strengths and weaknesses and how to work together within that scope.  I was impressed with the fact that he includes each partner’s past experiences with finances, their personal temperaments, and how both influence how each partner deals with finances.

Matt includes a ten-step action plan for financial success, which includes:

  1. Plan to Succeed-budgeting
  2. Work Wisely-diligence and gaining new skills
  3. Give Some Away-tithing and giving
  4. Put Some Away-savings and emergency funds
  5. Ruthlessly Avoid Debt-the high price of debt
  6. Manage Your Credit Score-paying bills, credit use, ID theft
  7. Patiently Pursue Interest-goal setting and investing
  8. Build Walls of Protection-different insurances
  9. Spend Smart on Housing-to buy or not to buy
  10. Spend Smart on All Other Expenses-being a smart shopper

He includes charts on financial, experiential, and emotional net worth; a chart on the different temperaments; and a monthly cash flow plan and a monthly cash flow tracker chart to help you accomplish the above ten steps.  They seem a little daunting at first glance, but they are great for tracking your expenditures and income, so you keep afloat of your finances.

One of the most important sections is the ‘Fostering Financial Oneness.’  When you get married, you become ‘one flesh.’  Working together makes for a smoother ride in your marriage.  Included are the three life purposes:

  1. Love God
  2. Love People
  3. Make a Difference

I’ll say it again, this is one of the most comprehensive books for engaged/newly married couples dealing with finances and the purposes of their lives.   A must-read before you get married.  Where was this book when we got married?


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Enter to win a free financial session and a $100 Visa card in Matt Bell’s Money & Marriage Nest Egg Giveaway! All the details here: http://litfusegroup.com/blogtours/text/13162540

This book was provided by Amy Lathrop of Litfuse Publicity Group for hosting this giveaway and in exchange for my honest review.


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