“Mirror Ball” by Matt Redman~~a B&B Blog Tour

God’s Light Shines Through the Smallest Prism


Matt Redman invites readers to reflect God’s dazzling radiance.“When God shines upon His church, we become a dazzling testimony to His awesome radiance.  You may feel ineffective.  You might have lost confidence in your ability to shine.  You may think you are too small or inconsequential to ever be of any value in the kingdom of God.  But no matter at all—for, in the end, it is all a matter of light.  His light.  The life of worship never begins with you.  It starts and ends with JesusIn his newest book, Mirror Ball: Living a Life that Reflects God’s Radiance, worship leader and songwriter Matt Redman reminds us that even when we feel insufficient to reflect God’s glory, God can show through us as light radiates through a prism.  Living in this truth will transform how we view our words, our relationships and our daily lives.

Passion is not only that which gets us up in the morning; it helps us see it through to the end of the day.  And for anyone who has truly encountered the wonder of the cross, it soon becomes a way of life.  If you’re looking for a heightened way to tell God you love Him, the very best way has little to do with stringing poetic sentences together.  It involves a life laid down in service and adoration.  The concrete evidence of whether worship has lived or died in us will always be our lives.  We sing our songs with good intent, but in the end our lives must become the evidence.

In and of ourselves we have no light.  But in His bright and shining light we are transformed and begin to radiate the glories of our God to the world around us.  You may be feeling totally inadequate for that task.  But if so, you have simply forgotten the most important part of the equation.  It is not about you and your best efforts.  It is the light, power and love of Christ illuminating our fragile lives.

Through story, Scripture and practical inspiration, Redman encourages his readers to remember that, however inadequate they may feel to live out this passion, God will work in and through them.  After all, the same God who said “let there be light” has made His light to shine in their hearts, illuminating their lives and the lives of those around them.

Matt Redman has been leading worship full-time since the age of 20. His journey has taken him to countries such as South Africa, Japan, India, Australia, Germany, Uganda, Croatia and the Czech Republic. He has worked with many church plants and is currently involved with St Peters, a new church planted out of HTB in London. His early compositions include “The Heart of Worship,” “Better Is One Day” and “Once Again.” More recent songs have included “Blessed Be Your Name” and “You Never Let Go” (both written with his wife, Beth). Redman is also the author of three books which all center on the theme of worship: The Unquenchable Worshipper, Facedown and Blessed Be Your Name (co-authored with Beth). Plus he has compiled two other books: The Heart of Worship Files and Inside-Out Worship. Redman and his wife currently live on the south coast of England with their five children.

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Mirror Ball: Living a Life that Reflects God’s Radiance by

Matt Redman

David C Cook/August 2011/ISBN: 978-0-7814-0578-2/192 pages/paperback/$12.99

www.davidccook.com and www.mattredman.com

My Review:

“We are mirrors whose brightness…is wholly derived from the Son (my version) that shines upon us.” –C.S. Lewis

Matt’s description of the tiny mirror ball that was to be used in a huge Nashville arena truly exemplifies the truth of our lives being used by the Son’s light in us.

He goes on to talk about these different areas of the Christian life:

  • Passion of the Christian:  Lives laid down
  • Love will give it’s all:  True Love and faithfulness
  • Big God, Big Life:  Off the charts and possible
  • Drops in the ocean:  Together we are the Church
  • Who do you say that I AM?:  The names of God
  • 10,000 Reasons:  Life of worship
  • The Rules of first things:  Seek first…
  • Endless Hallelujah:  God is at work

Matt describes in story form and factual information how each of the above fits into your life.  His inclusion of Scripture backs up what he delineates.  Key points are set apart so that they make a deep impression on your life.

At the end of the book, you will find a life applicable discussion guide with a special surprise in each section.

Matt’s book is good for personal use, but I believe it brings more meaning when used in a group, as you get more personal insights.

This book was provided by Audra Jennings of The B&B Media Group, Inc., in exchange for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.


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