“The Vengeance Squad” by Sidney W. Frost

An eye for an eye?  Vigilantism? 

When Chris McCowan’s fiancé, 24-year-old Sarah Eason, is killed during a bizarre robbery near Austin, Texas, an unlikely trio teams up to track down those responsible for her death. Chris, a 31-year-old PhD computer science professor, Percy “Tex” Thompson, a 40-year-old wheelchair bound ex-con student at the community college where Chris teaches, and Liz Siedo, the 65-year-old head librarian at the city library where Tex works, pool their talents to find the criminals after local law enforcement agencies give up the chase.

Chris wants an eye for an eye even if that means giving up God and the church where he and Sarah were to be married. He sets out to learn the tricks of the trade from his ex-con student, all while continuing to teach and coming to terms with his grief. Angela, who claims to be an FBI agent, spots the guys at the pistol range and in cities across the country where the FBI is just steps behind Chris and Tex. She soon joins the team to help the three find the killers.


He is an Adjunct Professor at Austin Community College where he teaches computer courses. He received the adjunct teaching excellence award in 2005.

While attending the University of Texas in the 1960’s he worked part-time at the Austin Public Library driving a bookmobile after completing service in the U.S. Marines.

He is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, the Writers League of Texas, and the San Gabriel Writers’ League.

He has a Master of Science degree from the University of Houston and a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California at Long Beach.

Awards for Where Love Once Lived include First Place — 2007 SouthWest Writers Contest in the Inspirational/Spiritual Category, First Place — 2007 Writers’ League of Texas Novel Manuscript Contest, Romance Category, Third Place — Fourteenth Annual Lone Star Writing Competition, Northwest Houston Chapter of the Romance Writers of America, Inspirational Romance Category and Finalist — 2006 Yosemite Writers Contest Novel Category

Short Excerpt:

She Smiled at me even though I knew she must be in extreme pain. “Thank you for loving me,” she said.

I was the one who should be thanking her for loving me.  I couldn’t think about that right now.  There was too much blood.  I had to help her.  “Tell me how to fix this.”

She coughed and cleared her throat.  “Your love has fulfilled me.”

“No, please,” I said, “don’t talk like that.  You’re in shock.  That’s all. We’ll get help soon.”

“Chris,” Sarah said.  “You have to let me go. I love …”

She sank into my arms as her life left her body.

“No! Please, God, no.”

My Review:

The Vengeance Squad, by Sidney W. Frost, is a heart-wrenching and vengeful-filled story of a young man, Chris McCowan, who lost his fiancé, Sarah Eason, during a bizarre robbery.  An unlikely trio consisting of Chris; Percy “Tex” Thompson, Chris’s ex-con, wheelchair-bound, computer science student; and Liz Siedo, a 65-year-old librarian, decide to track down the criminals when they think that law enforcement has given up on the case.  Chris also gives up on God, especially when his fiancé’s funeral is on the very day they were to be married.

They meet up with Angela, allegedly an FBI agent, who gives them clues in a clandestine way.  She eventually joins their group, though they are somewhat suspicious of whom she really is.

The action is non-stop once Chris’s group latches onto information of the whereabouts of the criminals and their latest crimes via internet tracking. The story crescendos deeper and deeper, layer upon layer.  The situations at first seem to be a little contrived, but with Chris’s dad working for the FBI, there appears to be more knowledge of what they are doing than when first initiated.  Plus, Tex is an ex-con with ‘experience.’  And then there is the mysterious Angela feeding them some hints.

Sidney does a good job keeping the action flowing non-stop, from episode to episode.  The cast of characters have their specific roles, and are diligent in follow-up and intervention.

The love between Sarah and Chris is so palpable and intimate in the opening scenes.  Sidney does an excellent job of developing the different agonizing stages of Chris’s grief and loss, and coming to terms with his relationship with God.

I was disappointed with the use of the ‘b’ word, when it would’ve worked without it.  It was offensive to me.  But it happens only twice, leaving a good, clean read for the balance of the book.

The romantic ending gives a clue to a possible continuing saga?!?  Sidney???

This book was provided by the author in exchanged for my honest review.  No monetary compensations was exchanged.  I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255 , “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”


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