Russian Borscht: Don’t have to be Russian to enjoy!

Russian Borscht

Broth:  In a large kettle:

1 sm beef roast (or beef spareribs)

1 whole onion

1 large carrot

1 tsp salt

2 1/2 quarts water

Bring to a boil; skim off foam.  Simmer until meat is done approx 1 hour.  Take off heat and take out meat.  Shred or cut into small pieces. (Reserve veggies for another time)

Stock: While meat is cooking prepare:

3 large potatoes, cubed; put in separate bowl

1/3 head of cabbage shredded lengthwise or 1″ squares; put in separate bowl

Set these aside.

Also Prepare

1 onion chopped

1 large carrot peeled, grated or Julienne

3 med or 2 large beets, peeled (use potato peeler) and grated.

3 med. tomatoes cut in half and grate so peels are left in hand, discard ( or just peel and chop)

or instead of tomatoes can use 1 sm can of tomato sauce or 2 T. paste


After all veggies are prepared and when meat is done:

Place broth back on to heat, add potatoes to broth, cook 10 min. or until 1/2 done

Add cabbage, cook 10 min.

While potatoes and cabbage are cooking prepare:

In a sauté pan, melt 1 T. butter or oil and sauté onion, carrot and beets.

Cook until onion is transparent or soft (not mushy) when bite into it

Add tomatoes and sauté a bit.


3 clove garlic crushed or chop in small pieces

1 T chopped parsley flakes or fresh

1 tsp dried dill weed (optional) –I don’t use

After each 10 min. are up (above), Add all sautéed vegetables, garlic, and salt and pepper to taste, to the broth.

Simmer 5 min.  Do NOT BOIL.  Boiling makes beets lose their color.

Add the shredded or cut up meat, parsley, (dill).  Take pot off heat.  Let stand 10 min. Skim off any fat.

Serve in large individual soup bowls adding a dollop of Sour Creamto each bowl.(This really adds to the flavor!)   If didn’t add dill to the entire pot it can be served at the table and individually add to their own bowl if wished.  Also, if desired, crushed, cooked bacon may be sprinkled on at this time.  Serve with warm bread or especially Russian Rye.  Enjoy!

This is an authentic Russian soup, given to my Cousin, who shared it with me.  Since my BSF leader is Russian, she wanted my recipe, as hers is different.

Thought I’d share it with you!


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