“Lioness Arising” by Lisa Bevere (Reader’s Favorites)


Book Blurb:

These people rise up like a lioness; like a majestic lion they stand. —Numbers 23:24

The lioness rises from her slumber, a magnificent image of strength, passion, and beauty. Her mere presence commands the landscape, protects her young, and empowers the lion. In groups, lionesses become a creative and strategic force to be reckoned with, acting as one to change the world around them.


Women, it’s time to…
God did not save you to tame you.
to a life of fierce passion.
To dangerous prayer, stunning power, and teamed purpose.
Your response could very well change your world.

Packed with remarkable insights from nature and a rich depth of biblical references to lionesses, Lioness Arising is a call for women to rise up in strength and numbers to change their world.

Jesus is, after all, the lion of the Tribe of Judah. And we are his lioness arising.


Passionate. Edgy. Relatable. Powerful. Funny. These words describe Lisa Bevere–international speaker, bestselling author, and co-host of “The Messenger” television program, which broadcasts in more than 200 countries.
Since 1996, Lisa has written many bestselling books, including Fight Like a Girl, Kissed the Girls and Made Them Cry, Nurture, and Out of Control and Loving it. Her books have been printed in over 20 languages worldwide. Her latest book, Lioness Arising: Wake Up and Change Your World, challenges women to find their purpose in life and use it to change the world. Lisa uses the image of a lioness to illustrate the courage, power, strength and the fearless life women are capable of living.
Nearly 20 years ago, Lisa and her husband John, also a bestselling author and speaker, founded Messenger International (www.MessengerInternational.org) in Orlando, Fla. Messenger International is an organization founded to inspire godliness and release people into fulfilled lives in Christ. The ministry relocated to Colorado Springs, Colo., in 2001 and since has grown internationally with offices in the United Kingdom and Australia.

In her transparent style, Lisa shares God’s Word woven with personal experiences to empower lives with freedom and transformation. Her heart breaks over social injustice, and as an advocate for change, she rallies others to be an answer to desperate problems near and far. She is the founder of Pearl Alliance, an outreach branch of the ministry raising funds and awareness to stop human trafficking. (www.PearlAlliance.org)

When she’s not out changing the world, Lisa resides in Colorado Springs, where she begins her days with mochas and ends them laughing around the dinner table with family. She enjoys riding her Ninja motorcycle with the love of her life, John, and spending time with their four sons, stunning daughter-in-law and adorable grandbaby.

Connect with Lisa Bevere online:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/LisaBevere
Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/lisabevere.page
Blog: http://www.messengerinternational.blogspot.com/

Our Lion http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=-Y6oRFlbEh0

My Review:

Lisa Bevere, in Lioness Arising, starts her book put with a ‘vision/dream’ she experienced when she was pregnant with her fourth child.   She was standing in some heavenly realm, a place of illumination without glare.  The colors were so concentrated, that she is unable to describe them to our earthly colors.

On a platform of a flawless, cream-colored stone a golden lioness reclined.  On the front of the pillar platform she saw: Number XXIII. … When her eyes focused on the lioness’ eyes, she heard a voice behind her saying, “With the birth of this son, you will awaken a lioness.”  She physically awakens not knowing what it all meant.

Using Scriptural references, Lisa continues her book by comparing the life, beauty, passion, and strength of this lioness to us as lionesses as we arise up in the strength of the Lord’s power to change our world. It’s not a world where women are stronger or better than men, or vise versa.  Strength is for service to one another and others.

Lionesses never act alone. She intricately incorporates how we ‘lionesses’ need to take lessons from the real lioness and do the same in protecting children and women caught in human sex trafficking, making Godly changes in the world, and caring for our families.

She describes how the lioness relates to her lion, empowering him to protect, while they do their part in protecting the pride.  They work in groups and become a ferocious, strategic force to reckon with. The same is true in the lives of us women ‘lionesses’ in today’s world.

They biggest question Lisa bring out is, “Are our ears awake?  Listen.  Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit through the churches. Rev. 2:7” To accomplish all this, we must learn to listen to the great Lion of Judah and be willing to do His will His way through His Spirit.  You need to question yourself as to whether you are willing to walk in His Light?  You must be determined to quiet yourself to hear the Whisper of God’s voice. Lisa’s book challenges you to count the cost.

And you don’t want to be mistaken for buff, as Lisa found out!  You can’t miss this!  It’s a lesson learned the hard way!  It’s a personal walk that you can’t won’t allow pretense.

In order to live in sync with God, Lisa gives us five objectives:

  • Look up–looking up to heaven
  • Look around–seeing ourselves, surrounding, and inhabitants in His eyes
  • Look well–shining light to expose areas of darkness
  • Look ahead–realizing our present choices affect us and those around us forever
  • Tell the truth–know the Truth and living and sharing it

I have to admit I would never compare myself to the bold, strong, stealthy lioness.  Yet Lisa, through her vision, compares us in a way that challenges us to stop living the status quo and move out into the will and leading of God’s ways.  It’s time and He wants us ready.  If you are ready to hear the Wind Words and Whispers of God, this is a book for you to pick up and apply by the grace of God!

This book was provided by Debra Gaynor of Reader’s Favorites in exchange for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.


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