“Four Letter Words” by Bill Giovannetti (A Litfuse Tour with a GIVEAWAY and Q&A!)


Written with today’s teens and young adults in mind, Giovannetti deals directly with the tough issues on today’s touchy subjects. Dr. Bob Wenz a professor at Ravi Zacharias Ministries says, Four Letter Words provides “a much-needed foundation … real, transparent and uncompromised!”

Thou shalt tolerate every opinion… except the Christian’s. Today’s postmodern “prime directive” leaves many followers of Jesus tongue-tied. In the global village, isn’t it unreasonable, and even dangerous, to suggest that the Bible has a monopoly on truth?

The church needs a new breed of Christ-follower. We need Christ-followers who are alert to today’s touchy ideas, the truths that fire up more heat than light. We need Christ-followers who can make a clear case for the Bible’s worldview; who are ready to help our friends think through their beliefs; who can recognize inconsistencies and challenge them; and who can do all of this with humility, confidence, humor, and love.
For more information visit http://fourletterwords.org.
Link to buy the bookhttp://ow.ly/8FbUq
Dr. Bill Giovannetti is a professor at A.W. Tozer Theological Seminary and the senior pastor of Neighborhood Church of Redding. An experienced speaker and author, Bill informs the mind in ways that touch the heart. He enjoys life with his wife and two kids in northern California. For more information about Bill and his other books, visit  http://maxgrace.wordpress.com and http://fourletterwords.org.
About the Giveaway:

Bill is celebrating the new Kindle edition of Four Letter Words (for only $4.99)! He’ll be traveling coast to coast over the next few weeks on this virtual book tour and he’s celebrating by hosting a great giveaway!

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My Review:

Four Letter Words, by Bill Giovannetti, is a spectacular book.   These four letter words are vital to our spiritual life.   Each chapter gives the different religious views on the specific word for that chapter.  You will be challenged to consider which one stands out as truth.

The layout of the book is catchy, starting with ‘Touchy Ideas’ and Touchy Scriptures.    The diagrams are helpful to understand his points.   The last part of each chapter includes ‘Talking Points’ that are helpful to understand the importance of what you just read.

The list of his four letter words includes:

  • True:  What is truth and where can I find it?
  • Know:  How do we know what we know?
  • Pain:  Why is there pain and suffering in the world?
  • Ouch:  Is suffering real or just an illusion?
  • Evil:  Do good and evil really exist?
  • Word: Isn’t the Bible just one among many valid options?
  • Damn:  Is hell real?
  • Wait:  Why should we enforce the Bible’s ancient values today?
  • Hope:  A beautiful story of interlocking truths, revealing the heart of the Father.

The main point that sticks out to me–Whose God is Love?  The Christian God is the only God that is love, and He pours out His love to each of us.  We just need to receive it.

The second point is–Absolutes Flow From God.  Right and wrong are right and wrong because of the nature of God.  Goodness flows from Him and is defined by Him. That means good and evil are more than just a point of view (page 104).

Bill’s book is QR-enabled.  QR codes are those postage-stamp sized boxes with indecipherable patterns inside – Quick Response codes, giving it an interactive experience.  Just scan the codes with any Smartphone and you’ll go straight to relevant videos, audio .mp3’s, and websites. Each chapter has a lot more resources on the website (www.fourletterwords.org), which you can reach either through the QR code or just by visiting the site. (From Q&A)

This book was provided by Amy Lathrop of Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.


Bill Giovannetti serves on the faculty of A.W. Tozer Seminary and is the Senior Pastor of Neighborhood Church of Redding. Four Letter Words is his second book. He has written numerous articles and is a popular speaker. Bill hates legalism, loves grace, and teaches that God is infinitely more committed to us than we will ever be to him. He is a graduate of Trinity Seminary and earned his doctorate at Fuller Theological Seminary.

1.  What’s “Four Letter Words” about, and where did you get the title?

Four Letter Words is about defending your faith in Christ. If you’ve ever felt tongue-tied standing up for Jesus, this book can help.

Even though our culture claims tolerance as a virtue, that tolerance stops at Christianity’s front door: witness the hostility directed toward a sincere Christ-follower like Tim Tebow. Judging by reactions to him, you’d think he just cussed out his grandma when all he did was say a word for Christ. Speaking God’s truth and living your faith is quickly becoming today’s profanity. Tougher days are coming; we need to get ready.

There has never been a truth-system more satisfying, consistent, logical and beautiful than Christianity. I wanted to help God’s people rise up and say so.

2. Did you ever struggle with your faith? How did you work through that?

Even though I’ve been a pastor for a long time, I struggle with my faith a lot. My earliest struggles – back in high school days – centered on scientific stuff, like evolution. In the book I tell the story of how I made peace with faith in a Creator God and how I fit together science, logic, and the gospel in my own heart.

Now that I’m a bit older, my struggles come more out of pain and suffering. Why does God let people hurt? I cover those topics too.

Struggles are normal – we just can’t let them overwhelm our faith or uproot our joy. It’s super-important for us to know every question raised against Christianity has an answer. I try to provide some of those answers along with simple talking points for everyday conversations.

3.  Who is this book for?

This book is for anyone who either struggles with faith or who wants to help friends who struggle with faith. I wrote to strengthen faith and equip believers to share faith. Our church has used this book with high school students, young adults, and senior citizens—it’s been really well received across all age groups. Other churches are using it in small groups and youth groups.

I would love to see this book in the hands of every high school graduate and new college student: they need to be inoculated from the anti-Christian venom they’re going to experience.

Toward the end, Four Letter Words invites readers to faith in Christ so it can be resource for evangelism too. Discussion questions are included.

4.  What’s with the QR codes?

Part of my geek credentials, I suppose. As far as I know, Four Letter Words is the first QR-enabled book for the general market. QR codes are those postage-stamp sized boxes with indecipherable patterns inside – Quick Response codes. I wanted to make the book an interactive experience: just scan the codes with any Smartphone and you’ll go straight to relevant videos, audio .mp3’s, and websites. Each chapter has a lot more resources on the website (www.fourletterwords.org) which you can reach either through the QR code or just by visiting the site. The geek-tech stuff in no way overwhelms the written word; it just supplements it. I hope readers like it. What did you think?

5.  If I read this book, what will get out of it?

 I wrote Four Letter Words with three simple goals in mind:  

1. Clarity: Know what you believe.

2. Confidence: Know why you believe.

3. Courage: Know what to say when you don’t know what to say.

6.  How did you pick the four letter words for each chapter?

 I had a great team working with me to pick the topics. The young adult leadership team from my church hung out with me for a few coffee-shop meetings. We brainstormed ideas. We asked what questions kept surfacing in their relationships with seekers and what issues kept tripping up their conversations about Christ. The topics came from them. Each chapter grew out of the real-life struggles of real people in my church. I think this is why the book has connected in some pretty deep ways with readers.

Amazon: http://amzn.to/tF3L3M

Direct from the Author (signed copies) http://maxgrace.1freecart.com

Website:  http://www.fourletterwords.org

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BillGiovannetti

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/billgiovannetti

Blog: http://www.maxgrace.com


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