Thy Comforts Delight My Soul


In the multitude of my anxious thoughts,
His comforts delight my soul.
No more emptiness, no more pain;
He will bind up my life of holes.

How He will do this is unknown to me;
I need to trust Him to do His will.
All He asks of me, all I need do, is
Let Him fight the battle, and just to be still.

Be still and know that I am God;
I am much stronger than your strongest foe.
He has you buffaloed, thinking you’re stuck,
But listen, My daughter, it just isn’t so.

He’s the father of lies, and knows nothing else,
But I am your Father, who wants what is best.
Don’t be afraid to trust Me and ask,
Go ahead ask Me, put Me to the test.

I’ve delivered the mighty
And I’ve delivered the weak.
All that matters
Is that you just seek.


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