Happy Memorial Day! A Young Veteran’s Viewpoint!!!

In God We Trust!

How blessed we are to live in a free country!

In God We Trust!

Happy Memorial Day!

Here is what Memorial Day means to Joseph, a young veteran friend.  I asked him to give me his feelings about Memorial Day to share with you today:

Driving past Fort Snelling’s military cemetery, with its sea of endless gravestones, is a sobering experience. The experience evokes emotion. But why?   

For all who have served, continue to serve, and for those who sacrificed all, Memorial Day is about something more tangible than the ambiguous idea of America or the concept of freedom. Memorial Day is personal. Each marker represents a story. A family. For those who sacrificed, and those who continue to do so are not nameless numbers. Each and every human is indispensable and irreplaceable.

Every human being has worth, including our enemies. Memorial Day is not a cause or an event. Rather, it should be about personalizing each story of sacrifice. By doing this it should compel us to protect, preserve, and value each and every human life. It personalizes Memorial Day and helps us see one marker.

Thank you, Joseph, for sharing your heart.  I so appreciate you and your sacrifice.


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