GIVEAWAY: “Hidden in Dreams” by Davis Bunn~~Hosted by the Blogging Bistro, LLC Tour, with an Author Interview and My Review

Dreams Cast the Possibility of a Catastrophic Financial Meltdown

Just when the world’s foremost expert on dream analysis, Dr. Elena Burroughs, thinks she is getting her life back under control after losing her position at Oxford University and the man she hoped to fall in love with, she is approached by Rachel Lamprey, the product manager of an innovative new ADHD treatment about to hit the market.

Rachel asks for Elena’s help with a clinical trial participant who has had a disturbing dream foretelling a cataclysmic global financial collapse. But even more alarming is the fact that fifteen people scattered across the globe—including Elena herself—begin to experience the same repetitive, devastating dreams of economic ruin just as one bank crisis follows another, suggesting that these aren’t merely dreams.

As Elena searches for answers in her professional networks, she is forced to form an unlikely alliance with her most vehement critic and is drawn back into the spotlight as the public face of the so-called dreamers. As Elena and her collaborators attempt to discover the dreams’ source, the clock ticks down to devastation. Suddenly, it’s no longer just about the dreams. It’s about survival.

This book is a sequel to Book of Dreams, but can also stand alone.  But Book of Dreams is great!  Don’t miss it!

Read for free: Chapter 1

Reading Group Guide for Hidden in Dreams.

About Davis Bunn   

Davis Bunn is an award-winning novelist whose audience spans reading genres from high drama and action thrillers to heartwarming relationship stories, in both contemporary and historical settings. He and his wife, Isabella, make their home in Florida for some of each year, and spend the rest near Oxford, England, where they each teach and write. Visit Davis at

A Conversation with Davis Bunn  

Q: How much research did you have to conduct to write this intriguing story?

 A: In a way, I suppose you could say I’ve been researching this story all my adult life. I did my studies in international economics and finance. Observing the difficulties our nation and economy has faced over the past three years, as well as what we personally have endured, has been tough. It really was great to have this chance to give voice to what we increasingly hear, that the people at fault need to be brought to justice, and the risk of another economic collapse needs to be halted.

Q: Why is it important for you to write about such timely themes?

A: Economic uncertainty defines the world we live in. I feel it is important to show how the timeless and eternal messages are applicable to every aspect of our world and our lives. And how the gift of peace and wisdom can be used in every circumstance we face.

Q: When you wrote Book of Dreams, did you have plans for this sequel, Hidden in Dreams?

A: Two months after Book of Dreams was released, I had the call every author dreams about and yearns for—a vice president of NBC/Universal suggested we discuss the possibility of turning it into a television series. I was put in touch with one of their producers and over the next six months began working up the basic structure of what this program might look like. One of the ideas I found most appealing became the basis for Hidden in Dreams. There is as yet no firm decision about the television project. But it has been a blast to even be considered.

Q: In writing a sequel it’s always a challenge to include enough back story to satisfy those who haven’t read the first book while still making sure the book stands alone. How do you approach this dilemma?

A: You’re right, it can indeed be troublesome, but this time it all fell together very easily. The structure just flowed. That sometimes happens, where the story seems to create itself. I wish it was true all the time. I can’t even say why it was such a smooth process with Hidden in Dreams. But there was a sense of impatience about the back story, as though I needed to fit in just a few paragraphs, but I couldn’t allow myself or the reader to be drawn too far from this new story’s flow.

Q: Why did you choose to end Elena’s relationship with Antonio? They seemed like a good couple.

A: For this story to work, Elena needed to enter into the dilemma as vulnerable as all the other people who shared the recurring dreams. She was isolated in a new place and forced to be dependent upon her faith and new-found friends.

Antonio (from Book of Dreams) belonged to a different universe, far from what was happening here. I had to make a choice at the outset. Would she remain with Antonio, and the two of them experience this together? Or would she be isolated?

Writing a new story is all about two things: facing the empty page, and choices. It is kind of fun to go back and revisit decisions I made eighteen months ago, when first outlining this concept.

Q: You’re writing about two women in this novel. Is it ever a challenge to write from the female point of view?

A: Learning to write from a woman’s point of view is very difficult for a male writer, as it usually is for a woman author writing a man’s story. Before I was published, I became friends with a husband and wife team who were both opera stars. The woman often sang a male role in a Mozart opera that was originally designed for a young boy, but which nowadays is usually sung by a woman with a slightly lower range, called a coloratura.

I discussed my difficulty with her, of trying to make my women sound real. She told me that my trouble stemmed from working on a woman character from the outside. It wasn’t about making women ’sound’ anything. It was all about making the character live from the inside-out.

 As I worked on the point of view issue, trying to put my friend’s challenge into practice, I also began going into any meeting with a woman carrying a secret tape recorder, and taping everything that was said. I then went back and wrote out every word. It was perhaps the most boring month of my entire writing career.

But gradually I found that I could ‘hear’ the speech patterns of these women, and reshape them into structures that fitted around what was happening in my stories. And through this exercise, the emotional content that lay behind the dialogue, the person who was expressing herself, became more real, more solid.

And then I met my wife, Isabella. And the process of instruction at the intimate level of a God-centered marriage began to unfold.

Q: In Hidden, Elena and her colleagues are attacked in Miami. After the attack, why did Elena not take more precautions?

A: Elena had a choice to make, and so did I. Either she could play the delicate flower – fearing everything and going nowhere – or she could go on the hunt. I liked the balance between her internal fears and uncertainties, and her quest as a professional psychologist. She is, in effect, trained to look for clues – to go on the quest of drawing out the hidden. I felt the actions she took, despite the dangers, to be her natural response.

Q: Is there another Elena Burroughs book planned?

A: I have another idea. The question is, what do the readers want, and how positive is the reaction to this story?

Q: Why do you write fiction?

 A: I became a believer at age 28. Up to that time, ever since graduating, I had been working in international business. I came to faith while working as a consultant in Germany. I started writing two weeks later. Up to that point, I had never picked up a pen in my life to write anything longer than a business report. But I had always been an avid reader. And the moment I started, that very first instant, I had the sense of invitation. It was the first time I had ever experienced that incredible sense of being drawn in a new, divinely inspired direction.

I wrote for nine years and finished seven novels before my first was accepted for publication. Simply because I had received a sense of calling did not mean I was ready to serve. First the diamond had to be polished. Hard and painful as that was.

Q: While you are a prolific writer, you also get out there and live too! What’s been your most exciting real life adventure?

A: It would probably be better to ask, what has been the most exciting real-life event so far this year. Undoubtedly that would be working on the set of a film being shot from a screenplay I wrote last year.

Unlimited has now ‘wrapped’, that is, filming has been completed. The producer and director are now deep into the editing process. The film is due for release in September, 2013. I am currently working on the novel, which comes out a couple of months before then.

I had the whole thing backwards here, doing the script first, but it has been a lot of fun, and the concept remains very fresh. So hopefully Unlimited will come alive on the page as well as the screen.

Q: What is your goal as a novelist?

A: I want to combine a truly entertaining read with a powerful after-effect. My dream is that long after the book is set down with a satisfied sigh, there are still images that surface, lessons that can be drawn, genuine hope and healing and challenges and inspirations. I want my writing to be worthy of the gift.

Q: How can readers find you on the Internet?

My website and blog are at

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Here are some ways to get points towards being the winner.  The more you do, the better your chance:

1.  Answer one of the following questions: MANDATORY

a).  If you had a recurring dream, who would you seek out for an interpretation? 

b). Have you ever had a dream or vision about future events that later came true?

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Every reader who comments AND leaves an email address on this site gets entered in my contest. You will receive extra points for signing up for Davis’s  e-newsletter and liking him on Facebook.  There will be only one giveaway copy per blogger, and the winner must have a U.S. mailing address.  No P.O. Box address allowed.   Leave your email address is this fashion to avoid spamming:  davisbunn at gmail dot com.  You won’t be entered without an email address.  The giveaway ends September 14, 2012.


My Review:

Dr. Elena Burroughs, well-known for her controversial dream analysis work, finds herself in the lime-light of the highly pumped media, a position she abhors.  They are hounding her about the almost identical, repetitive dreams coming from several individuals world-wide (aka “dreamers”), predicting cataclysmic financial upheavals.   Her old enemies become new comrades to make sense of the dreams and whether they relate to side effects of a new drug, SuenaMed, used to treat ADHD.

The dreams, however, don’t really seem like actual dreams as much they appear as attacks or visions, repetitively overriding the dreamers’ thought patterns, causing a sense of urgency to tell the world.

Despite the tense episodes, a tentative romance develops between two gentlemen vying for Elena’s attention, making for an interesting dilemma for her.  Her choice seems obvious up front, but circumstances change that make you wonder if she will change her mind.  It calms down the chaos to help you get a breather from the hectic circumstances.

Foretelling through dreams is not a concept that I am familiar with, but it’s an interesting, creative concept for presenting cataclysmic overtones.  Since we are currently living in a volatile financial world today, these dreams could easily send the public into a frantic frenzy.  It seemed real enough to make me wonder for a time what would happen to my own finances should something like this happen. Davis has done a great job in upping the anxiety as the dreams unfold.  The twists in the scenarios took me by surprise, making this another great read by Davis Bunn.

The qualities and peculiarities of each character seemed to be realistic and very tense at times due to the traumatic responses to the dreams.   The tempo of the media, the rush to action to curb distress, the last-minute meetings, and the frenzy of the people were well described.

I did enjoy the aspect that some of her co-workers were fellow believers, and they were open to praying over situations, with Dr. Elena sensing protection because of their prayers.

Check out Davis Bunn’s book, Hidden in Dreams, for a new perspective on the possibilities of our world’s economics, as well as a great suspense. And don’t forget Book of Dreams by the same author, the prequel to this book.

My Rating:

I would rate the book at a 4.5.  Davis did an excellent job at creatively presenting the chaotic scenarios with the public’s frantic frenzy of a ‘rush’ at the banks and the media race for first dibs on the dreams.  The media can be like pariahs and people do panic!  The book distinctly pulls on the emotions of the volatile financial market of today’s world.

I was confused over the issue of foretelling and prophecy, as there is a fine line between the two terms.  I found this aspect disconcerting and a little off-kilter for me, feeding into the New Age ‘spiritual’ messages.  I will agree it was handled quite well by Dr. Elena, though.

The fact that there are several books out on cataclysmic chaos in the financial world, this just seemed like just another one in some aspects.  But Davis’ creativity puts it in a completely different realm.

I received a complimentary copy of this book for review from Howard Books, a division of Simon & Schuster. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255.


31 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: “Hidden in Dreams” by Davis Bunn~~Hosted by the Blogging Bistro, LLC Tour, with an Author Interview and My Review

  1. When I have recurring dreams I pray and ask God to reveal the meaning to me. I recieve Davis Bunn’s newsletter and I like his facebook page. Thanks for the giveaway!! jmschwindt0306 at gmail dot com


    • Love your answer to dream interpretations. I have you down for 3 pts. towards the giveaway. It’s a great book! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting.

  2. This sounds like an interesting book to read. I do have some odd dreams from time to time but try not to read too much into them. I have a friend that I ask about them if I am curious if there is a deeper meaning involved. Good luck with your future books! :O)

    • Dreams are interesting. When I have re-occurring ones, I question them. I have you down for 1 pt. for the giveaway. The book is great. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Share it with your friends!

  3. Davis Bunn has an amazing talent in writing. His words burst into images. As I read, I feel like I’m sitting there watching it all unfold.
    1a. I would not seek out interpretation for my reoccuring dream because it is left open to interpretation by others…their vantage point. Accuracy would concern me.
    1b. I have had dreams that have come true. Sometimes I don’t pay too much attention to my dreams and that dejà vu feeling surfaces…leaving that strong feeling of I’ve lived this before. Other times I am left with that sudden a-ha moment of connecting the dots.

    heidi dot wojtowicz at verizon dot net

    • Daniel interpreted dreams, but the answers always came from the Lord. That’s what I would like. I have you down for 1 pt toward the giveaway. Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. Share it with your friends!

    • You are in the drawing for Hidden in Dreams for 2 pts. It’s a book that will make you think about the impact of dreams! Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Please feel free to share this giveaway with others.

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  5. #1 I would probably tell my husband about the dream, then say “whatdaya think?” but if the dream was non-stop recurring, that would freak me out & I might would have to see a professional ( if u know what I’m sayin!)
    #2 Signed up for newsletter.
    #3 Liked author FaceBook

    • Thank you for entering my contest. Visited your blog and am now following. My blog is for Christian book reviews as well as a few non-Christian occasionally if I find them redeemable. I have you down for 3 points towards the giveaway.

  6. Looking forward to the movie release and hope to see Book of Dreams on tv.

    Yrs ago when I kept having the dream where I was being chased, I got a book about dreams to find out what it represented. Don’t remember now

    • I remember having many dreams of being chased. It’s when the same one comes over and over that I begin to wonder. Thank commenting and following my blog. Feel free to invite others. I have you down for 3pts towards the giveaway.

  7. I have had many deja vu moments, not as many recently but I used to have them a lot. I would never remember dreaming them or anything until it would happen and then I would be like, wow, I already did this. It was kind of scary in a way.

    • Thank your following my blog and commenting. Dreams can come from different sources, but I try to make sense of them through eyes of God. Dreams occurred in the Old Testament on occasion. I have you down for 3 pts towards the giveaway. Feel free to share this contest with your friends and family. It’s a very interesting book!

  8. I would absoulutley pray about a recurring dream, sure that Father God was trying to get something through my thick head

    • Thank you for commenting. I agree a recurring dream is one to approach the Throne with. I have you down for 2 pts. towards the giveaway. Please feel free to share this with your friends and family. Come back again!

  9. I don’t think I have any recurring dreams now but I did as a child. If I were to have one I would probably tell my husband and ask his opinion! I alread get Davis Bunn’s newsletter and I just liked his page on facebook! Thanks for this opportunity to win this book. I have read several of his books and loved eveyone of them!

    • Am curious if you told your parents about your childhood dreams that reoccurred. I didn’t have that happen as a child, but I have as an adult. I have you down for 3 pts toward the giveaway. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Would appreciate you telling friends and family as well. Thanks.

  10. I once had a dream about being at the coast, driving along in the car, with a friend. That week a friend called and asked me to go to Charleston, SC with her for Easter break. It was not the same friend as the one in the dream but the coastal part was similar.
    I would love to win the Davis Bunn book. I do receive his e-mail updates (newsletter). Please enter me twice!
    Blessings, Janice jsmithg(at)hotmail(dot)com

    • I find dreams interesting. Yours fits that category. I have you down for 2 pts towards the giveaway. Thank you for reading my blog and commenting.

  11. Most of the time my dreams are pretty bizarre! I think I have a pretty active imagination so that’s probably why but when I tell them to my husband he agrees that they are “bizarre”. LOL. I don’t know if this runs in the family but my daughter has these same wierd dreams too. I told her she should write a science fiction novel using the subject of some of her dreams!

    • Hi! Thank you for sharing. Dreams are a tricky issue! Thankfully the Lord knows what they truly mean! I have you down for 1 pt. towards the giveaway. Thank you for checking out my blog.

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