Giveaway Reminder: “Hidden in Dreams” by Davis Bunn


Here are some ways to get points towards being the winner.  The more you do, the better your chance:

1.  Answer one of the following questions: MANDATORY

a).  If you had a recurring dream, who would you seek out for an interpretation?

b). Have you ever had a dream or vision about future events that later came true?

2.  Sign up for Davis’s e-newsletter

3.  “Like” his Facebook page at

Every reader who comments AND leaves an email address on this site gets entered in my contest. You will receive extra points for signing up for Davis’s  e-newsletter and liking him on Facebook.  There will be only one giveaway copy per blogger, and the winner must have a U.S. mailing address.  No P.O. Box address allowed.   Leave your email address is this fashion to avoid spamming:  davisbunn at gmail dot com.  You won’t be entered without an email address.  The giveaway ends September 14, 2012.


Dreams Cast the Possibility of a Catastrophic Financial Meltdown

Just when the world’s foremost expert on dream analysis, Dr. Elena Burroughs, thinks she is getting her life back under control after losing her position at Oxford University and the man she hoped to fall in love with, she is approached by Rachel Lamprey, the product manager of an innovative new ADHD treatment about to hit the market.

Rachel asks for Elena’s help with a clinical trial participant who has had a disturbing dream foretelling a cataclysmic global financial collapse. But even more alarming is the fact that fifteen people scattered across the globe—including Elena herself—begin to experience the same repetitive, devastating dreams of economic ruin just as one bank crisis follows another, suggesting that these aren’t merely dreams.

As Elena searches for answers in her professional networks, she is forced to form an unlikely alliance with her most vehement critic and is drawn back into the spotlight as the public face of the so-called dreamers. As Elena and her collaborators attempt to discover the dreams’ source, the clock ticks down to devastation. Suddenly, it’s no longer just about the dreams. It’s about survival.

This book is a sequel to Book of Dreams, but can also stand alone.  But Book of Dreams is great!  Don’t miss it!


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