“God Knows Your Name” by Catherine Campbell (A Kregel Publications Tour with my Review)


In a World of Rejection, He Accepts You!

God loves us, just as we are. This book encourages us to embrace the truth of a personal God, the God who knows our name.

From the loveless Hagar of the Bible to the abused Donna of Dublin; from the hopeless leper of Mark’s Gospel to the outcast Dalit of Hyderabad: each chapter introduces us to individuals accepted by a God who intervenes on their behalf. These are stories of rejection and acceptance from the Bible and today – true, carefully researched, and told with remarkable power.

Author Bio:

Catherine Campbell is a nurse and midwife, based in Coleraine, Northern Ireland, who writes for the Nursing Times as well as Women Alive, Parentwise and others. She is a popular speaker with an increasing following.  Visit Catherine at her website:  http://www.catherine-campbell.com or on facebook.



“Catherine is a great storyteller. On a packed, noisy train, I found myself engrossed and deeply moved by a host of vivid, contemporary characters, past and present, who stayed with me long after my journey came to an end.” – Michele Guinness, author of The Heavenly Party

“This is a great book. I highly recommend it, especially for anyone who may be doubting their worth. I couldn’t put it down.” – Mark Stibbe, author of I Am Your Father

My Review:

Catherine Campbell, in God Knows Your Name, tells six in-depth stories from a mix of the Old and New Testament and correlates them to six present-day life stories, showing us how relevant God’s word is for us today.  They are based around the following six themes:

  • Nameless
  • Hopeless
  • Worthless
  • Helpless
  • Powerless
  • Loveless

Catherine’s rich story telling brings the stories from the Bible to life through her rendition of Biblical fiction.  The stories themselves are real, but she adds the fictional aspect to make it more personal—real people with real families.  I loved this book, as it made the transition of the Bible stories pertinent, applicable and intimate for me today. It reminds me of Jesus telling stories to help us understand the concept He was making.

I appreciate the transparency of the people who were willing to share their stories with the author, in order to personalize the Scripture for us. I could have gone on to read more stories like this.  I hated to see the book end.

When I was first a Christian, having never read the whole Bible, I used to think the Old Testament was irrelevant until I got into a Bible study program.  Wow, did I ever change my mind!  Catherine’s book does the same thing—makes the Bible relevant and personal for today! God Knows Your Name is powerful and insightful!

If you struggle in any of these ways, be sure to pick up a copy today and let God speak to you about His love for you.  He really does know your name!

This book was provided free by Noelle P.  of Kregel Publications in exchange for my personal, honest review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.


2 thoughts on ““God Knows Your Name” by Catherine Campbell (A Kregel Publications Tour with my Review)

  1. Thank you Linda for reading my book ‘God Knows Your Name’. Your review was clear and concise and I am touched that you “hated to see the book end”! I too loved the individuals from the Bible whose lives are really not too much different than ours. What is even more wonderful is that the God of the Bible is still working today. He not only knows our name… He cares about our pain. I’d love to meet up with your bloggers on my website http://www.catherine-campbell.com or on facebook. Bless you, Catherine

    • Thank you, Catherine, for the privilege to read and blog on your book. I learn more from Scripture when I hear stories related around them. Maybe that’s why Jesus used so many stories and parables. You did a super job of relating the Word.

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