B&B Blog Tour of “Hide and Seek” by Maj. (Ret) Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky

Not Your Childhood Game of ‘Hide and Seek’!

Amelia Lennon no longer wears a uniform or carries a weapon. An Army trained Foreign Affairs Officer, she’s negotiating a dispute with the Kyrgyzstan government that threatens to leave the U.S. without an airbase in that region. She traded her gun for the power of words, but now she needs both.

While following her government contact – Jildiz Oskonbaeva, the lawyer daughter of Kyrgyzstan’s president – Amelia witnesses an attempt to abduct her. She manages to prevent the kidnapping, but now the two women are on the run in a city that’s erupting into chaos.

Master Sergeant J.J. Bartley is the Special Operations team leader tasked to rescue Amelia and Jildiz. With two new members in his unit – one with a secret that could endanger everyone’s life – J.J. must soldier his unit through crazed mobs intent on overthrowing the government. Back home, his pregnant wife is misinformed that her husband and the team have been killed. But before this is over, Bartley will find out that’s the least of his problems.

About the Authors:

Chaplain (Major) Jeff Struecker is a decorated member of the United States Army’s most elite fighting corps whose personal experiences in Mogadishu, Somalia, were written about in the New York Times bestseller and major motion picture Black Hawk Down. In thirteen years of active duty, he also fought in Operation Just Cause in Panama and Operation Iris Gold in Kuwait. As a chaplain Jeff has done multiple tours in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom. He uses his personal story of survival on the battlefield to tell others how they, too, can be prepared for any circumstances life may bring.

Alton Gansky is a Christy Award-nominated and Angel Award-winning author who writes to stimulate thinking about spiritual matters. He served as a pulpit minister for twenty years and has published nearly thirty books.

In addition to his own writing, Alton Gansky has consulted and provided editing/ writing services to several CBA publishers and written copy, video scripts, and other works for the general business market. Through Gansky.Communications he has consulted with publishers and agents, as well as provided editing services. He is “the go to guy” for co-writing having been selected by Penguin, Waterbrook, Broadman Holman, and other publishers to work with their top tier authors.

He lives in central California with his wife.

My Review:

Not your childhood ‘Hide and Seek!’

Hide and Seek by Jeff Struecker and Alton Gansky is based in the small country of Kyrgyzstan, an off shoot country from the former USSR.  It’s a country rife with riots and uprisings.

Amelia Lennon, an army trained Foreign Affairs Officer, has just met with Juldiz Oskonbaeva, the government contact and lawyer daughter of the President of Kyrgyzstan, to negotiate a stay for the US military on Manas airbase.  China and Russian are trying to out the US from the base.

Upon leaving the meeting, Amelia happens to follow behind Juldiz, as her next stop is just beyond Juldiz’s stop.  Amelia witnesses an attempt to abduct her, contravenes the kidnapping, and finds them both on the run from the remaining abductors.

J. J. “Boss” Bartley was promoted to team leader of the mission to rescue Amelia despite Kyrgyzstan’s demand that US military remain outside the rioting areas.   There are unknown circumstances with this mission that jeopardize the search and rescue.  Amelia and Juldiz are alternately hiding and running to safety, unaware that the US Special Ops team is trying to find them.  Thus begins part of the ‘hide and seek’ portion of the story.

At home, the wives of these men are misinformed that the whole team has been killed.  So the story weaves back and forth between the grief and stress these women go through and the hazards of the team members.

I’ve come to enjoy the team of Struecker and Gansky in their high-rev mission trips of the Special Ops.  This book is no different for action, suspense, danger, and deadly obstacles.  The book may start out slow with the introduction of the team players and the meeting between Amelia and Juldiz, but the hard action and dangerous endeavors peal out of the racetrack and don’t stop till the end of the book.  The scenes are depicted in real action and the characters form a camaraderie of humorous banter and serious workmanship.

I found the instrumentation and gadgets used for surveillance mind-boggling and fascinating– Special Ops gadgetry that are usually only privy to the military or thugs who might get their hands on for spying and interception.  Now I don’t know if these actual instruments exist, but I’ve seen the bee drones, so I’m sure the information is close.

J. J. and another member are Christian, and they unabashedly pray during the hard times.  They actually become a witness to the other men as the operation goes forth.  It’s also a witness that one can be a Christian and still do the difficult job ahead of them, even if it means killing the enemy.

You don’t have to be a guy to enjoy this book.  I’m fascinated by the bravery of the men that carry out these dangerous missions.  It gives me a greater appreciation of what all our troops do on behalf of our country and the people of other countries.  Grab a copy and sit down for an action-packed read!  There are some raw areas that are gruesome, so keep that in mind.

This book was provided by R. Roberson of The B & B Media Group, Inc., in exchange for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.


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