My Review: “The Choice” by Robert Whitlow (A Litfuse Blog Tour)

Pro-Choice…Choosing Life Over Abortion

One young woman.

Two very different roads.

The choice will change everything.

Even as a pregnant, unwed teen in 1974, Sandy Lincoln wanted to do the right thing. But when an ageless woman approached her in a convenience store with a mysterious prophecy and a warning, doing the right thing became even more unclear. She made the best choice she could . . . and has lived with the consequences.

More than thirty years later, a pregnant teen has come into her life, and Sandy’s long-ago decision has come back to haunt her. The stakes rise quickly, leaving Sandy with split seconds to choose once more. But will her choice decision bring life . . . or death?

Robert Whitlow is the best-selling author of legal novels set in the South and winner of the prestigious Christy Award for Contemporary Fiction. A Furman University graduate, Whitlow received his J.D. with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law where he served on the staff of the Georgia Law Review. A practicing attorney, Whitlow and his wife, Kathy, have four children. They make their home in North Carolina.

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My Review:

Rutland, Georgia, 1974.  One year after Roe v. Wade has become ‘law’ of the land.  Back then, girls were hustled out of school and forced to make other accommodations to have their babies before returning to school.

That year, Sandy Lincoln, a senior at Rutland High School, gets pregnant by her football hero boyfriend, Brad Donelly.  He tries to manipulate her into an abortion with the tantalizing offer of marriage later on.  Her parents are supportive in helping her make a better choice.   Sandy  ends up living with her aunt Linda, her mother’s sister, in Atlanta, Georgia, until her baby is born.

However, on her way to her aunt’s house, she stops at a gas station to purchase a drink, when a mysterious old woman approaches her with a prophecy and a warning about the babies she is carrying.  This warning and prophecy plays an integral part in her choice of where she places her babies for adoption and why.  Thirty years later, her choice will come full circle in ways she never thought possible as she tries to help a pregnant teenager who has been raped.

Robert Whitlow, in The Choice, takes us down the difficult road of being a pregnant teenager with monumental choices to make about her pregnancy, trying to do what’s best for her babies, and a heartbroken grandmother who wants to keep her grandchildren.  We are given an in-depth, personal view of Sandy’s choices, which are far from simple.   They involve courage, selflessness, a broken heart, and a heartrending, yet beautiful gift of adoption to childless couples seeking a child.  The story depicts how teenage pregnancies affect not only the pregnant teenager, but the babies,  grandparents, father, siblings, extended family, adoptive family, etc.  Our sins don’t just affect ourselves–they have a rippling effect that courses through many lives.

A boomerang episode transpires thirty years later, when Sandy is a teacher at her old high school and a pregnant young Mexican teenager who was raped comes to her for help.  A school counselor throws you into the world’s  culture wars over women’s reproductive rights.  The power struggles that evolve are so relevant to today’s world, and emulate what transpires in schools across the country regarding underage abortions, only now more quietly and insidiously.  The author gives a blow-by-blow account of the intricacies of the battle of trying to choose life over abortion for this young pregnant girl who is frightened by all the circumstances.  Lives are at stake.  Will Sandy make the right choice?

Linda’s influence in the matters of truth, Sandy’s own faith, and the faith of many others in the story help to show the ultimate decision should rest in God’s design for our lives.  Though we stumble and fall, He is always there to help us make the right decisions if we but call upon Him.

The author wrote the book to honor mothers .  He has an intended irony in the selection of his book title, The Choice.  It plays on the word “choice,” showing that “choice” can also mean a woman’s decision not to abort.  Sandy is unselfishly “pro-choice”–‘choosing’ to allow the babies to be adopted.  Kudos to the author to stress this important aspect!!!

This book was provided free by Amy Lathrop and Christen Krumm of the Litfuse Publicity Group in exchange for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.


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