“The Reunion” by Dan Walsh (A Revell Blog Tour)


The Discovery By Dan Walsh
978-0-8007-2121-3/$14.99 Paperback/304 pages/
Pub Date: September 2012/

Expert storyteller Dan Walsh pens a new tale filled with the things his fans have come to love – forgiveness, redemption, love and that certain bittersweet quality that few authors ever truly master. Fans old and new will find themselves drawn into this latest story about restoration for the broken and ignored.

Walsh brilliantly weaves together two stories of men embroiled in turmoil – Aaron Miller a Vietnam vet who returned from war only to lose everything and of Dave Russo, a writer unable to love again. The Reunion opens with Aaron, 40 years after the war, slowly putting his life back together. Dave uncovers his heroic actions during the war, leading both men to find a second chance in life and love – if they’re willing to take a risk.

Walsh captures genuine emotion in his writing, and according to RT Book Reviews, he “demonstrates that, like Nicholas Sparks, men are capable of writing romantic fiction.”

Walsh has mastered telling stories set in separate time periods. The Reunion is a contemporary story with flashbacks to Vietnam. When Walsh was young, he hated history until he discovered a few non-fiction history books that read like page-turning novels. “They made history come alive,” says Walsh. “Reading became a joy. That’s my goal now, to create that same experience for my readers. I hope they get inspired and thoroughly enjoy themselves.”


Dan Walsh is the award-winning author of The Unfinished GiftThe HomecomingThe Deepest Waters and Remembering Christmas. He lives with his family in the Daytona Beach area, where he’s busy researching and writing his next novel.

Visit www.danwalshbooks.com for more information.

Praise for Dan Walsh:

“Dan’s books grab your heart and don’t let you go until the last page.” –Dr. Gary Smalley, bestselling author and speaker

“Walsh [makes] the reader feel like a dear old friend.” –RT Book Reviews

“Dan Walsh’s novel-within-a novel is rich with the intrigue, history and romance.  Character-driven and wistful…a sublime delight that shouldn’t be missed.” –USA Today on The Discovery

My Review:

Aaron Miller is a Vietnam veteran who’s lost love, respect, his job and his family–barred, even, from seeing his two children.  Suffering from what we now know as PTSD, shame, and guilt, he became a homeless drunk.   Once honored for receiving the Congressional Medal of Honor for his heroism in war, he’s now a simple handyman in a trailer park, clean and sober.

Unbeknownst to Aaron, one of his fellow servicemen, John Lansing, now a multimillionaire, is searching for him to thank him properly for all he did for him and his two buddies in Nam.  The three men had a reunion every few years, but had lost track of him.  Without Aaron’s intervention in Nam, they wouldn’t be alive today, have good jobs, or their families.

Dave Russo, a wire editor for a local Florida newspaper, is writing a book on Vietnam in honor of his father, who had died in the war.  One of the people he’s interviewing is John Lansing.  But instead of talking about his war times, John talked about Aaron Miller.  John then made Dave “an offer he couldn’t refuse”–find Aaron Miller in exchange for a large chunk of change.  Dave takes leave from his job and pursues any and all leads in his search for Aaron Miller.

For anyone who’s never served in war, you will get an eyeful.  It’s not pretty and it’s anything but safe, and I’m sure that’s only the tip of the iceberg.  But you will come to understand how some men come home with PTSD.  Dan Walsh doesn’t mince words when it comes to the descriptions of the war.  It’s heart-wrenching to read about those who were killed and those who suffer from physical and mental health issues due to the war.

This is one author I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy as a writer.  He’s engaging in his storyline, but he’s also realistic in his portrayals of the characters.  He has a sense of warmth and empathy that hooks you emotionally into the circumstances and lives of each character.  His inclusion of a gentle romance helps compensate for some of the harsher realities of life.

Though Aaron lived a humble life, he was also self-deprecating.  But God had a purpose for his life that would show him who he is in His sight and the sight of others.   The author demonstrates how God is intertwined in his life whether he realized it or not.  It’s the same for you, if you are willing to look for Him.

For an emotional, yet heart-warming look at how important God, friends and family are, this is one book for you to pick up and savor.

This book was provided by Donna Hausler, Publicity Assistant at Baker Publishing Group in exchange for my honest review.  No monetary compensation was exchanged.


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