Fighting Sex Trafficking and The Ideology That Creates It (The

To Fight Sex Trafficking, Fight the  

Ideology That Creates It,

Expert Says

In the fight against sex trafficking, the Church needs to
address the root causes – the ideas in culture that break
the linkage sex has to love, responsibility and children,
Lisa Thompson, liaison for the abolition of sexual trafficking
for the Salvation Army, said during a Friday presentation
at The Justice Conference.


Sex Slavery a US Problem Too,
Activists Highlight

Human trafficking, or sex slavery, is not just a problem for
developing countries, but for the United States as well.
Two activists, Hon. Linda Smith, founder and president of
Shared Hope International, and Mark Blackwell, founder
and president of Justice Ministries, brought attention to this
issue and talked about how the church can help at a
Wednesday Family Research Council symposium in Washington, D.C.


Am having problems with my blog, but feel this information is important.  Please follow the links for complete messages.    One Desert Rose


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