“Home Run!”: Opening one month from today!


Home Run
Home Run Opens in One Month!
Home Run Opens in One Month!
One month from today—Friday, April 19—HOME RUN opens in theaters across the country. Tickets are available and show times are listed for practically every theater where this powerful, redemptive parable will be opening.If you like faith-based films that not only inspire you, but also encourage and challenge your friends who don’t share your beliefs, then see HOME RUN when it opens. A film’s first weekend, April 19-21 for HOME RUN, are its most important days. Make plans now to bring a group to see HOME RUN!Find a Theater and Buy Tickets »
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Hope For Change
Hope For Change
Executive producer Carol Mathews says, “HOME RUN is for anyone, inside or outside the church, who needs to make a change in their life. The message is that no matter what burdens you may be carrying, you don’t have to carry them alone. No matter how hard you’ve tried before—no matter what has happened to you or what you believe about yourself—you can live the life God created you to live.”HOME RUN reminds us there is hope for change. See what pastors, producers, and the movie’s stars—including Vivica A. Fox—say about this film.Watch Hope For Change »
Praying for Impact
Praying for Impact
Nine o’clock. Each evening at that time, people around the country are praying for HOME RUN. No matter where you live, make it a point to join with countless others praying for the impact this film will have on lives.

We will be praying with you for the Lord to open hearts and hear the truth about God’s message of His grace as they seek Him for healing their hurts, hang-ups and habits. James 5:16 (Janice)

This film will drive many to look within and reach out for help just like I did years ago. Keep the moviegoers in your prayers. (Walter)

I know it will impact many lives and can’t wait to see it. Thank you for sharing the hope and love of Jesus Christ our Savior…our only true hope! (Kim)

In Theaters April 19

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