Open Invitation to Join The Darlington Society

Don’t pass up this great opportunity to be a part of Mike’s Darlington Society, especially if you like thrillers! The opportunity to pray for him is a wonderful honor.


TDSCrestSo I have this group called The Darlington Society. They’re not a huge group but they make a lot of noise. And they encourage. And they pray. And they support. And they get something in return, too.

To answer a few questions . . .

What is it? The Darlington Society is a group of readers formed to support and encourage me in my writing. But it’s so much more than that. It consists of individuals from various countries with various interests and opinions and backgrounds. They chat, they pray, they bounce ideas around. It has become an entity of its own.

What do they do? Well, in short, they review my books, help spread the word about my writing and activities; they get encouraged, share struggles and prayer requests; they get questions answered and get an inside view of how the publishing process works. They’re my inside team…

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