“Pieces of Light” by Julie Cave

What if your spiritual authority abused you?

How could you accept the love of God when His earthly representative only brought you pain and shame? Just how long could you contain your rage?

In Pieces of Light, detective Dinah Harris hunts down a serial bomber targeting religious icons and buildings. It becomes clear early on that the bomber is on a mission to rid the city of religion and establish a ‘new world order’ of secular humanism. Can someone so intent on ridding the world of God experience redemption? Will his darkened soul search for pieces of light?

Pieces of Light is the third book in Julie Cave’s Dinah Harris series. The two previous books, Deadly Disclosures and The Shadowed Mind reveal the amazing grace of God while showcasing a world losing sight of Him. Cave’s compelling storylines use believable characters and realistic situations to:
– Identify the importance of living under the authority of the Bible
– Deliver a Biblical worldview perspective to current events
– Illustrate the power of Jesus’s sacrifice and desire to redeem every life.
– Provide believers a resource easy to share with skeptics

Recently, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis described The Shadowed Mind (book two) as “another nail-biting mystery with an incredibly powerful message about God’s authoritative Word.”

Pieces of Light is an apologetic Christian fiction title published by Master Books®. Master Books®, an imprint of New Leaf Publishing Group, is the world’s largest publisher of creation-based material for all ages; including apologetics, homeschool resources, reference titles, and quality children’s literature.


Julie Cave credits her parents for introducing her to books at a young age, which fostered an enduring passion for reading and writing. As a child, her favourite authors were Enid Blyton and C.S. Lewis and it wasn’t long before she began copying them, writing short stories for anyone who would read them.

At fifteen, two things happened which would shape her future: she heard a creation science speaker at her church which cemented her faith in God; and she finished her second novel-length story and realised she had fallen in love with writing novels. After school, she completed a health science degree, got married, and worked in banking and finance. All the while she wondered how she could combine her love of writing and her strong passion for Christian apologetics and evangelism.

One weekend at a church camp, a friend asked, ‘What if the guy in charge of the Smithsonian Institution went missing?’ The result – and the answer to that question – is Julie’s maiden published novel, Deadly Disclosures. Julie has one daughter and lives in Brisbane, Australia with her family. She divides her time between being a wife, a mother and an author.

You can visit her at http://www.juliecave.com.  Follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/julieacave.  Follow her on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/julieacave.
Pieces of Light is available where fine books are sold and your on-line retailer.


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