“THE ART OF HELPING” by Lauren Littauer Briggs

All of us have wanted to offer comfort and support to someone experiencing the intense pain of loss, but we simply don’t know what to say to someone facing divorce, the death of a child, cancer, the loss of a job, infertility, and estranged or rebellious child, a chronic illness, and the other tough issues of life.

The Art of Helping is presented with those times in mind. Find out the best way to express your feeling in a positive, uplifting manner that a hurting person will understand and appreciate.

Click here to read an interview with author Lauren Littauer Briggs.

Lauren Littauer Briggs’s Bio:

Lauren Littauer Briggs has been helping hurting hearts for over 20 years through peer support groups, medical seminars, and The Compassionate Friends organization. Lauren’s heart for comforting those in crisis began with the deaths of her two younger brothers, the first when Lauren was just seven years old.

Lauren and her husband, Randy, opened their home to her grandmother and has been there through cancer battles with several friends. These many experiences have taught Lauren what people need when they are going through difficult times. In both her writing and speaking she encourages people with her heartfelt and highly practical message — we can help those in need and be part of their healing process.

Over twenty-eight years of marriage, the parenting of three boys, and a variety of loss experiences have taught Lauren to treasure each day and make it count. “Every day is a gift” is the axiom Lauren has adopted as her life’s focus. She holds a degree in psychology.

As the daughter of nationally known speaker and author Florence Littauer, she comes by her speaking and writing talents naturally.

During her years of parenting, Lauren maintained her interest in business. She has a home-based company that provides bookkeeping, graphic design, and business management consulting for a select group of clients. She is a licensed real estate agent and specializes in the real estate needs of returning missionaries. Lauren’s professional interests are featured in the chapter on turning your talents, hobbies, and interests into an enterprise in her sister Marita Littauer’s book, You’ve Got What It Takes. Now that her children are older, Lauren also helps in her husband’s retail business, Collector Galleries.

Lauren is on the staff of the CLASSeminar (Christian Leaders, Authors & Speakers Seminar), helping speakers, authors, pastors, and Bible study teachers hone their communication skills.

Visit Lauren Littauer’s website at www.laurenbriggs.com


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