“The Dance” by Dan Walsh & Gary Smalley (Revell)

Ways to Restore Your Broken Marriage

the danceJim Anderson is a successful businessman, and his wife, Marilyn, is the perfect wife. And why wouldn’t she be? He gives her everything she needs. That’s why Jim never expected to come home one day and find Marilyn gone.

After 27 years of marriage, Marilyn has had enough of feeling unloved and neglected. She wants to experience some measure of happiness before she’s too old to enjoy it, even signing up for dance lessons, something Jim would never do.

What will it take for Jim to finally become the man Marilyn needs him to be?

Based on the principles behind Smalley’s bestselling The DNA of Relationships, Walsh expertly weaves proven relationship advice to restore a marriage into this powerful novel.

Combining the literary talents of bestselling author Dan Walsh and the relationship expertise of bestselling author Gary Smalley, The Dance is the romantic first novel in The Restoration Series. Readers will get caught up in these flawed but earnest characters as they rediscover genuine love and start a transformation that will ultimately affect their whole family.

Based on the principles behind Smalley’s bestselling The DNA of Relationships, Walsh expertly weaves proven relationship advice to restore a marriage into this powerful novel.


Dan Walsh is the award-winning author of several books, including The Discovery and The Reunion. A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Dan served as a pastor for 25 years. For the last several years  I get to do something else I love to do…write books.

I began writing fulltime in 2010. I have five novels out with Revell and a 6th will release in September. He lives with his wife in the Daytona Beach area, where he’s busy researching and writing his next novel. Revell has signed me to write two books a year for them through 2013, including a 4-book fiction series with bestselling author and relationship expert, Dr. Gary Smalley.

For more information about Walsh and his books, visit his web site at www.DanWalshBooks.com and follow him on Twitter at @DanWalshAuthor.

GaryGary Smalley is one of the country’s best known authors and speakers on family relationships. He is the bestselling and award-winning author or coauthor of more than 60 books.

He has spent over 40 years learning, teaching and counseling, speaking to over 2 million people in live conferences. Smalley has appeared on national television programs such as Oprah, Larry King Live, Extra and TODAY, as well as numerous national radio programs.

Gary and his wife, Norma, have been married for 48 years and live in Branson, Missouri. They have three children, all in full-time ministry to families, couples and orphans, and they enjoy their wonderful relationships with their ten grandchildren.

Excerpts from Some of the Reviews:

A great joint-read for married couples in their second decade and beyond…This look at contemporary marriage survival teaches and entertains. I was stunned by the power of The Dance, a relationship textbook done in a novel format…Reading The Dance encourages, nay, demands one to express their love to their spouse. A convicting relationship grabber.” — Harold “Doc” Wolf

When a book makes me cry and I read it from cover to cover in less than 2 days — I know it is a good one and a keeper. When I opened The Dance to start reading, I was immediately drawn in…Right from the get go I was mesmerized by this story.” — Janet Sikora

“…Not only will this book entertain readers of both genders, but they will be taught powerful truths and challenged to have a better marriage at the same time. This may be just the book you have been looking for to someone who may not ever pick-up a non-fiction book, but learns well through the power of story. I highly recommend this excellent book, and award it 5 out of 5 stars.” – ChristianFictionAddiction

These two work awesome together. Dan Walsh is an amazing storyteller and Gary Smalley is one of the best marriage counselors out there. As a team they created the best fiction book about marriage I’ve ever read and recently I’ve read quite a few. Like I said, though this book wasn’t for me (a single teen), it was still a fantastic story and that alone makes this a great book. I fully intend to read the rest of this series.” — Danyelle0423

The Dance is excellent and portrays a perfect look at what it takes to really work at putting your marriage back together, healing the wounds, and finding love all over again…Overall, The Dance was excellent and I highly recommend it on so many levels! I CANNOT wait until Book 2 is out!” — Loren M. Mcghee

My Review:

Dan’s book, The Dance, is a powerful story of marital love and romance, with the interlude of a pending divorce.  With the wonderful writing intricacies that are well-known by Dan Walsh and the additions of Gary Smalley, you get a  worthwhile story of reconciling a difficult situation.  And you will learn some wonderful insights into your own marriage relationship or how to work on issues before you get married.

I was totally overwhelmed with the delicate emotions, difficult decisions, and ultimate surprises by the end of the story.  This is another of my favorites from Dan Walsh.  He’s a writer you should not miss!

This book was received free in exchange for my honest opinion form Donna Hausler at Baker Publishing Group.  No monetary compensation was received.


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